Genoveva Vargas-Solar is senior scientist of the French Council of Scientific Research (CNRS) and member of the Heterogeneous and Adaptive Distributed Data Management Systems (HADAS) of the Informatics Laboratory of Grenoble (LIG). Since 2008, she is deputy director the French-Mexican Laboratory of Informatics and Automatic Control (LAFMIA). She is regular member of the Mexican Academia of Computing (AMEXCOMP). She was president of the Mexican Society of Computer Science from 2007-2009. Her research interests in Computer Science concern the design & construction of the next generation of data management systems guided by Service Level Agreements (SLA). She conducts fundamental and applied research for addressing these challenges on different architectures ARM, raspberry, cluster, cloud, and HPC. She has applied her results to e-Science applications in Astronomy, Biology, Social & Human sciences, industry 4.0. Her research interests in Literature concern middle age Literature, myths’ critics and myths’ analysis applied to different myths of origins.