Valence, where the camp is taking place, is located in the Rhone Valley, in France (And NOT in Spain!!).

It’s about 100km South of Lyon, 100km West of Grenoble and 200km North of Marseilles.

It’s on the Paris to Marseilles TGV line with a station called Valence TGV, a twenty-minute bus ride to the town center.

The nearest international airport is Lyon Saint Exupéry. There’s a TGV station right in the airport but Valence can also be reached by bus from Lyon Saint Exupery.

From the Marseilles-Provence airport, there’s a bus to the nearest station called ‘Vitrolles aéroport’ and then trains to the Valence station in the town center (Valence-ville). The trip between both stations lasts about two hours.

The camp will take place in the town center, in the facilities of the UGA university. It’s within walking distance of the train station in town and the coach station too (10mn approximately).

Valence is a small town, with approximately 60.000 inhabitants and a rather compact town center. There are several hotels there as well as access to most services : banking, all sorts of shops, chemists’, restaurants etc…

It’s considered a safe city. The risk of mugging or such exists but is quite low.

Should you feel like exploring the area, it has plenty to offer. See for instance

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